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Union and Management recognize the importance of building a constructive and cooperative bilateral relationship that will aid in achieving the mission of the Forest Service. We are both jointly committed to serving the public interest by promoting "good government". We are both committed to the use of consensual decision-making and interest-based problem solving to achieve the effective conduct of public business and the well-being of employees. We both recognize that the well-being of employees and efficient administration of the Government are benefited by providing employees an opportunity to participate in the development and implementation of personnel policies and practices affecting the conditions of their employment.

With a view of the betterment of the Federal service in general, and for the promotion of the common welfare of government employees through cooperation and organization, the National Federation of Federal Employees adopted their first constitution on September 20, 1917.

NFFE's objective is to advance the social and economic welfare and education of Federal employees. Their objective is achieved through its continued work in the following areas: organizing units of exclusive recognition made up of Federal employees; representing the interests of these employees through collective bargaining, legislative action and other appropriate means; improving working conditions through constructive dealings with appropriate agencies; and promoting high standards and greater efficiency in the various services of the United States.

The methods by which NFFE's objective are achieved including the following: petitioning to Congress; creating and fostering public sentiment favorable to NFFE's position on proposed reforms, and negotiating, consulting, and cooperating with Government officials and employees. As a responsible organization of Government employees it shall take leadership in obtaining, through legislation or other means, the necessary machinery to discriminatory action of Government.


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Union and FPL promotional items including keychains, pens, pins, lanyards and portfolios are available from the Local. Show your solidarity in the workplace by wearing and using NFFE-IAM promotional items. To place an order, please contact one of the names below. CONTACTS

Our officer contacts are listed below. If you would like to send us an e-mail message, the address is: NFFE276

President: Mark Davis 608-231-9474
e-mail: M.Davis

Vice President: Carl Houtman 608-231-9445
e-mail: C.Houtman

Secretary-Treasurer: Anne Fuller 608-231-9532

Recording Secretary: Linda Lorenz 608-231-9216

Chief Steward: Jill Gaskell 608-231-9463
e-mail: J.Gaskell


Melissa Baumann 608-231-9278/
e-mail: M. Baumann

Ted Bilek 608-231-9507
e-mail: T.Bilek

Steve Mauch 608-231-9206
e-mail: S.Mauch

Educator: Linda Lorenz 608-231-9216
e-mail: L.Lorenz

Communicator: Anne Fuller 608-231-9532

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